Power of Positivity


Writing has always been an outlet for me to express to the world things that I see through the windows of my eyes. The Power of Positivity is the title I gave to the collection of my writings that I share on this page. Each article, devotional, paper, or book is written with great passion and a considerable depth of introspection combined with observation.

Historically writing actually runs in my family. I recently found out that an elementary school in Virginia, P.B. Young Sr. Elementary, is named after my great, great uncle. He ran one of the most influential newspapers in the country during his lifetime. (Please see this article>) It is amazing to find out that I am following in the footsteps and carrying on the legacy of such powerful progenitors. Furthermore thanks to the internet, a simple click with a hyperlink connects my writings to the writings of my great uncle. God is amazing!

Without further a due, please check out my writing below and most importantly resonate THE POWER OF POSITIVITY!

Published by Leslee McCoy

Leslee McCoy is the author of Power of Positivity Blog. I love writing as well as other creative arts particularly music. Teaching is another great passion of mine. Blogging affords me the added plus of teaching as I read and apply the truth of Scripture to my own life. Did I mention I LOVE BLOGGING! It's my outlet for expressing underrepresented perspectives on life issues and current events. I also enjoy sharing the revelations I receive as I reflect on the truth of Scripture. For more information about me check out the Introduction tab of the Power of Positivity Blog.

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