Our Love Story

Harry & Leslee

~Two Become One for God’s Glory

The Beginning of Something Special

Join us as we aim to fulfill God’s plan for our life and marriage as a team.

Harry and I met in 2016. We were two artist looking to collaborate on a song together. We had never seen each other and actually lived on two separate continents. It was not until 2020 that Harry and I began our relationship as business partners, ministry co-laborers, and boyfriend and girlfriend.

I had spent years knowing Harry but not really getting to know him. If I’m honest I did not give my time consistently to building a connection. We would speak via text through Whatsapp and I would get distracted and return to the conversation months later.

~Leslee McCoy

An Answer to His Prayer

I remember telling my friend that there is a female artist from the U.S.A that I am supposed to collaborate with on a song. At that time I didn’t know Leslee, but what I was speaking is what I was feeling in my spirit. Weeks later I received a friend request from Leslee on Facebook.

The first thing I noted is that she was a very joyful person. I could feel it in her spirit. Even when she greeted me, her “hi” was kind of different.

We started to work on a song as brother and sister in Christ. We became friends. Throughout our friendship I could see Leslee as someone I could be in a relationship with, but I did not believe that it was attainable at that time considering that we are from different continents. I brushed the thoughts about her off.

I would remember her and think about the possibility of being together one day. In 2018 I would find myself reflecting and end up thinking of her as my heart and desires were before God. During that time we would text on and off and I would ask God why we were not talking while I was waiting to hear from her.

During this process I decided not to concern myself with anything about her and just live my life.

In 2020 I laid everything before God when I started thinking about Leslee and the possibility of being with her, I surrendered everything before Him. I made up my mind to give up and be done with it because it didn’t make sense to keep desiring something so far fetched.

When I surrendered it before God, Leslee replied to one of my text messages I sent her months prior. We greeted one another and then she asked me about my life and ministry as well as my family. It turned out she thought I was married so she asked about my wife and I doing ministry together.

I said, “married…I don’t even have a girlfriend.”

-Harry Thodi

The Time Had Come…

When the time was right, the time was right. I had spent significant time in 2018 and 2019 preparing for marriage by studying, praying, and doing practical things to get ready to walk through life with whoever God chose. Towards the end of 2019 I had a talk with my best friend Tiffany Kilpatrick. I was wavering and frustrated in my time of waiting to meet the man God had for me. I completely talked myself out of having the desire to be married because it seemed like a desperate position to sit in.

It was so frustrating to hear people automatically assume I wanted to be married. On many levels I was completely content with my singleness in Christ. It seemed as if people saw my life as lacking or incomplete because I was single. I knew what Scripture said about singleness in Christ being a blessing and a special call (Matthew 19:10-12 and 1 Corinthians 7)

“Not everyone can accept this saying, but only those it has been given to.” (Matthew 19:11)

When Tiffany and I talked I expressed my frustration and uncertainty about the desire. Tiff being Tiff encouraged me to be honest and vulnerable if being married was my true desire. I took a deeper look and began to bring my desire to be married before God in truth.

I spent the beginning of 2020 completely assured that I would meet my husband soon. I took the time to draw close to God in worship and prayer. I realized I had been carrying some brokenness from my past that only God could take care of. I had to open my heart to Him as not only my Father, but be willing to entrust myself to Him as my husband. I guess the notable difference for me is this was the first time that I was intentional about entrusting my most vulnerable emotions to God with expectation that it was His delight and role to protect me and fix the hurt. That was a sweet season of worship and I couldn’t have experienced such a great breakthrough if it was not for my deeply cherished friend Tope.

By the time the closures and changes associated with the world’s latest movement hit, I was set to push hard towards fulfilling my ministry. Music, writing, and my clothing line came in to focus.

When I asked Harry about his ministry it was because I wanted to find ways to collaborate with brothers and sisters that I knew globally. I thought he was married so I expected to hear about a joint ministry between him and his wife. I guess I assumed he was married because he never approached me like other guys in the past. He had a noble reserve about him that made me assume he was honoring his wife in the way he interacted with me.

Once we found out neither one of us were in a relationship, it was almost instant that we began to deepen our friendship, build our businesses, and pursue joint ministry together.

It’s Time to Meet in Person

Meet me in Kenya…

Talk about a leap of faith!

For seven months Harry and I communicated via Whatsapp every single day. There was a six hour time difference. We built businesses together MMV Sports and Ishshah Clothing, wrote songs together, and officially became a couple. The only thing left to do was meet in person.

I planned to fly to Malawi because God placed it on my heart that it was the thing to do. He also told me a few other things at that time that I will share at a later date. Harry was super excited to hear the news. The planning began before we even started dating.

When October came I found out literally at the last minute that my flight to Malawi from Nairobi had been canceled due to the times we are in. We had three weeks to seek God, revise our plan, and move forward.

We set the plan to move to Kenya. Before we knew it we both were scheduled to meet the love of our life in a country that neither one of us had been to.

We did it!

For three months Harry and I explored life in a brand new place together. We continued building our businesses, working on music, and building our relationship. By January 31, 2021 we were taking our next step together.


We’re getting married in Malawi!

On March 12, 2021 Harry and Leslee will celebrate the union God ordained.

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